CORRUPTION WEB EXPOSED: How SONKO, MBUGUA, JOMO GECHAGA, and NJEE MUTURI are milking Nairobi dry. By Melvin Sakato -October 7, 20190


Nairobi county is on an invention spree, inventing taxes left-right. A think-tank has been set up to think of new ways of raising revenue by taxing Nairobians but the question remains why?

Did you hear of the chicken tax for bringing chicken from upcountry?

Did you hear of the looming fire tax? Dog tax? Gate tax?

I suspect that very soon, Nairobians could be taxed for walking in the streets of Nairobi and even breathing God’s free oxygen and here is why.

The revenue collection department has been turned into a cash cow that threatens to cripple Kenya’s most important county and the head of the looting chain is the Governor himself with his errand boy Simon Mbugua being the delivery instrument who delivers the protection fees to Jomo Gechaga and Njee Muturi.

To have the looting system in place, a new revenue collection had to be sought and not leaving anything to chance, no tender or advertising was done and instead, a company allied to the Governor was directly awarded the contract.

Predictably, the county now only banks 20% of the projected collections and it is because of the people in the eating chain.

Protest letters with attached pieces of evidence by well-meaning whistle-blowers to the EACC and the PPOA have gone unanswered, mysterious at first but now the reason has been established.

Notorious EALA Mp Simon Mbugua is in charge of the cover-up and delivers a fraction of the looted money to Jomo Gechaga and Njee Muturi as ‘protection fee’ on behalf of the boss, Nairobi Governor.

EACC has refused to act on the complaints and pieces of evidence sent because of the games played by the former CEO Halaqe Wako who after negotiating with Sonko, placed his stooge to lead the finance department in City Hall.

Currently, six CEC Members from Nairobi County face the sack after they disagreed with Sonko over the sharing of the Ksh. 3.5 Billion of looted money. Simon Mbugua made away with Ksh. 2 Billion ( to deliver a large fraction to Gechaga and Muturi as protection fee and keep the rest) while Sonko pocketed Ksh. 1.5 Billion which was banked in Dubai.

As usual, Sonko has embarked on a smear campaign against the County Executive Committee Members and some chief officers who expressed disgruntlement with his hyper appetite for county funds.




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