Timmy Tdat got his lady love, a young Tanzanian singer by the name of Rosa ree in some rather hot waters when he agreed to do a song as uhm… Mature as Vitamin U. Turns out Tanzania’s artiste regulatory board Basata does not play those games.

And Rosa Ree had to throw herself at the mercy of the court because in all reality, while she can hide in Kenya for a while, she would be at the mercy of Basata sooner or later and anyone advising Rosa Ree would tell her that she would rather face Basata sooner.

That is exactly what the petite Tanzanian rapper did and she is lucky to have received so light a sentence from Basata. Oh wait, I still haven’t told you what they said have I? Well, she is not allowed to make music for the next 6 months. Or as Tanzanian media is reporting it,

Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (Basata) limemfungia msanii wa Bongofleva nchini Tanzania, Rozaree kutojihusisha na muziki kwa miezi 6 kutokana na video ya wimbo wa Vitamin U aliyoshirikishwa na msanii Timmy Tdat wa Kenya.



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