Ruto’s allies claims Raila held a meeting with Matiang’i and Kibicho at a hotel in Karen on the eve of the kibra by-election.

In a press conference at Parliament Buildings yesterday, the MPs from Jubilee party, ODM and Kanu said Ruto should confront Uhuru if he has any problems instead of picking battles with the President’s appointees. They said it was no longer tenable for the deputy president to continue serving under Uhuru when he was fighting his initiatives, including the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

They claimed the allegations were part of a political script by Ruto allies to discredit Uhuru’s administration and asked the DP to be brave enough and quit. But in a tweet, Ruto yesterday insisted that Raila publicly denounce the violence witnessed on November 7. He claimed that Raila’s political history has a trail of violence that cannot be covered up by the BBI.

“Tinga/his party’s trail of political conmanship/deceit from Kanu thro’ CORD to NASA and now heading to Jubilee; and litany of violence from 82’ coup to Kibra cannot be hidden behind BBI,” said Ruto.



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