Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga stands a better chance of becoming President in 2022 than ever before.

This was revealed by Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua, who urged the country to prepare for a Raila presidency.

Though Raila remains silent on his 2022 plans, Mutua says that he is unlikely to suffer the same fate where he has been controversially losing, three consecutive times.

Speaking on Wednesday, he said that the sole reason why Raila has been having it hard ascending to the top seat is his fights with the state, which is no longer the case.

“One of the reasons why Raila has never been President is because he has been on the other side of the state, now he is on the right side of the state,” he said on Radio Citizen during an interview.

He added that Raila will, however, need to join hands with other people conversant with how the state works, including him, because he understands the workings of Government by virtue of having been a Government spokesman

According to Mutua, both of them will be in the next Government, either with him at the top or Raila as the President and him as the Deputy President.

“He needs alliances with people who have worked with the state.”

“We are going to have a Government of either Raila and Mutua or Mutua and Raila,” he added.

Mutua’s closeness with Raila came into the open during the final stages of the Kibra campaigns, where he joined the ODM brigade in drumming up support for its candidate, Imran Okoth.



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