Migori Governor Okoth Obado on Monday, November 11, filed a complaint in court to have the family lawyer of his slain lover Sharon Otieno be barred from representing the family over personal ties.

The Standard reported that Obado wanted Professor George Wajackoyah stopped from representing Sharon’s family as he had confidential information they shared in private that he could use against him in court.

“I am apprehensive that having received instructions from me, the attorney has privileged information that may be revealed or be shared with the prosecution,”

“His representation of the victim’s family is aimed at advancing certain mischief against me,” the governor argued.

Obado stated that two days after his arrest on September 23, 2018, Wajackoya had visited him at the police station claiming that he had experience consulting for the DPP and was qualified to represent him.

The governor further insinuated that the lawyer was unhappy after his other attorneys failed to recognise him and so he decided to represent the victim’s family in order to punish the governor.

In his defence, Wajackoya denied ever having received any instructions from the governor to represent him in the murder case claiming that their meeting at Gigiri was purely coincidental

He further claimed that Obado’s mental status was questionable and that his imagination was wildly deceiving him.

Lady Justice Grace Ngenye asked Obado’s co-accused to file responses to the application by the governor within three days.

She then scheduled for the hearing of the application on November 27, 2019, before the commencement of the murder hearing earlier scheduled to start on December 2, 2019.



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