As the Building bridges Initiative report is set to be presented on Tuesday to President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga ,varied opinions have hit the ground as several politicians get a late avenue to align themselves in the cold war hidden around the conspiracy of peace and unity but boldly highlighted by political rifts.

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) task force has urged Kenyans to ignore reports circulating on social media and other places claiming to be from it and instead wait for November 26 when the report will be made public.

The task force cautioned the media and members of the public against false reports circulating on social media claiming to be from the team.The misrepresentations, according to the task force, are meant to sow discord and division among Kenyans at a time when there is a strong national consensus on the need of cohesion, honesty and ambition to change the country for the better.

BBI was the highlight of the 2018 handshake between Uhuru and Raila in the heat of the disputed 2017 General Election that was already degenerating into violence.

However, politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto have opposed BBI, terming it a scheme to block the DP Ruto from ascending to power.

They have vowed to oppose a proposed referendum under BBI saying it will be used to create positions for a few individuals.

As to what the report is set to address,is a matter of scrutiny even as youth groups vows to challenge the report if it does not address their problems especially that of job security and employment.
“We could stay in peace and unity but still die of hunger and extreme poverty,the report need be inclusive on matters that are at hand not those that will take years to fulfill.” Says Eric njeru a youth leader from Embu county.

The Youth President Kenya Karen Nyamu has also warned the youths against being radicalised through tokeinsm to make irrational decisions.
“We have come from a time where no one would want to go back,if the BBI is real and noble according to the requirements of the public then that’s fair. However ,the youths must realize that they are the building block of this nation and as the majority they need a clear conscience to read, understand and interpret the report.From there,they can make rational decisions .She said.
She further indicated that whatever the outcome, everyone should be in the forefront to act by the virtue of patriotism and not self preservation

“Interesting times lie ahead for our country Kenya. Patriotism and commitment to the common good of the citizenry will be tested starting tomorrow Tuesday 26th Nov. I hope the BBI report will unite us like it has been promised.

Will it be self interests and self preservation at play, or will we stand up for Wanjiku.

Ee Mwenyezi Mungu tusaidie.” She wrote on her Facebook wall.

The report is expected to be received at statehouse and it’s official launch done at Bomas of Kenya on Wednesday.



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