Malindi law maker Aisha Jumwa now says that the ongoing attacks by ODM politicians on Deputy President William Ruto are justifiable.

The lawmaker says that the attacks can be traced back to the August 2017 polls, where ODM leader Raila Odinga vied for the presidency and lost to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

She claims that Raila rejected the election results with an intention of forcing Uhuru into a coalition government, which was completely rejected by Ruto, hence the bitterness towards the DP.

Speaking on Tuesday, he insisted that Raila openly lost the race and was looking for an easy way into government, hence his refusal to participate in the October 26 rerun.
She opined that Raila is now using his closeness with Uhuru, after their 2018 handshake, to stir up things within Jubilee in the name of Building bridges Initiative, since he only thrives in confusion and political mixups.

According to the vocal parliamentarian, Raila is a politically dangerous man who specializes in ‘confusion and propaganda’ for political survival.



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