Kamotho Waiganjo impregnates an MP’s girlfriend


Igembe South Member of Parliament, Paul Mwirigi has accused girlfriend of having an affair with lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo. The 25 year old legislator sensationally blames Kamotho of being behind the pregnancy of Marriete Mwehu, his 19 year old girlfriend.

“I’ve not been seeing her for a while since I was busy in Nairobi but there were rumors that she was seeing Kamotho. She confessed of having done it with the lawyer once in what she sheepishly referred to as a night stand” the legislator explained.

Paul and Marriete were living together as boyfriend and girlfriend in a house in Meru. The two had plans of legally entering into marriage this festive season.

Kamotho who has distanced himself from the accusations says the Igembe South Member of Parliament mistook his meeting with Marriete on September 12. “This is purely political to tarnish my name. I am a disciplined family man who will not allow agents of darkness to taint my name for political interests. It is absurd and I will not comment anymore” an angry Kamotho shouted when approached by reporters



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