Grief as Kanze Dena miscarries few weeks to delivery


Kanze Dena, a Swahili Kenyan journalist who is the current Spokesperson, Executive Office of the President and Head of President’s Strategic Communication
Unit (PSCU) is in grief for losing pregnancy on the 33rd week.

Medics have established the cause of the miscarriage as chance genetic abnormality in the embryo.

Kanze Dena who has been hiding her pregnancy from the public has expressed her sorrow after the sudden untimely twist of events. “Ni jambo la kuhuzunisha mama kumpoteza uliyekuwa unamtarajia. Nimeshukuru wale wote ambao wameshiriki kunipa pole mimi na bwanangu wakati huu mgumu” a statement from Kanze read which can be loosely translated to “It is very sorrowful for a pregnant mother to lose the unborn. I thank all those who have grieved with my husband and I during this hard time”



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