“Millie Odhiambo is a borehole” Moses Kuria recalls memories years after fingerig the Mbita MP in parliament.


Gatundu South has mocked Millie Odhiambo as a borehole that is not supposed to speak before men. Speaking today in a event in his constituency, Kuria accuses Millie Odhiambo of using her publicity to promote immorality amongst female elected leaders.

“In 2014, the mad woman falsely accused me of boxing and pulling her pants. She attacked me and in an attempt to defend myself one of my body parts found itself in a very hollow place that I later discovered was the obvious. Total borehole” the controversial legislator mockingly said.

Kuria’s revelations come hours after Millie Odhiambo called him ‘toothpick brain’ for opposing the Building Bridges Initiative.

The Gatundu South MP says the BBI report launched  was fake, and the proposes Committee of Experts is the one that will write the real report.

In a social media post, Kuria said that he will oppose the formation of a committee of experts, which is set to ‘refine’ the report.



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