“Wanawake wananidanganya mimi ni mtanashati” Stevo Simple Boy on why he is still single


Artist Stevo Simple Boy says he is yet to meet a woman he can fall in love with. The musician narrates of his ordeals with city women who keep on lying to him that he is handsome just to have a piece of him.

The ever jovial Stevo Simple Boy says”Wanawake wananidanganya mimi ni mtanashati jambo ambalo huwa nalichukulia kama mzaha. Juzi juzi tu nilikuwa nyani sai nishakuwa mtanashati. Nitaingia kwa uhusiano ile siku nitapata mwanamke asiyenikejeli” loosely translated to “Women are lying to me that am handsome something I take as a joke. Just yesterday I was a monkey but today I have become handsome.I will get into a relationship the day I will get a woman who will not mock me”

Stevo Simple Boy makes the utterances a few days after Kenyans on social media trolled him to reveal his relationship status.




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