Mistresses who clean Moi in trouble after attempting to inject him with Cialis,a sex stimulant.


Ronica Murugu and Fiona Cherotich are in trouble after they were accused of attempting to inject retired President Moi with Cialis. It is yet to be established why the two were planning to commit the sinister act against the 95 year old Moi.


The duo are mandated to clean Mzee Moi on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. They are currently being interrogated by detectives who are digging deep into the matter.

Cialis is 8 times stronger than Viagra and it is used to increase libido in both men and women.

Security detail at Kabarak say women have been attempting to lure the sickling Moi to get a share of his property. In June, Magdalene Ngui was apprehended after she attempted to pin the former president in bed. No legal action has been taken against her after Moi’s favorite son, Gideon intervened.



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