Female MCAs face six month ban from County Assembly for discussing MP’s curved manhood


Ruth Ndunge and Sheila Mwaniki are expected to be banned from the Nairobi county assembly following concerns that they discussed an MP’s curved manhood openly.

Members of the county assembly will be asked to support recommendations that the duo should receive a six-month ban for bringing shame to Nairobi.

A report confirms that on December 5, Ruth Ndunge and Sheila Mwaniki shamelessly praised MP Babu Owino for possessing a curved manhood that every woman would beg for. The revelation amused most of the members present in the county assembly and the two were immediately shouted down.

“This is a serious case of immorality in the County assembly and we have to act swiftly to save the morals and image of Nairobi,” Peter Muhanji told reporters.



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