Woman accuses Oscar Sudi of child neglect


Woman say their local home is so filthy that they think Oscar Sudi should be in jail for child neglect. The woman showed pictures of endless clutter in one room after another.

Woman says that their life is what can only be described as “deplorable living circumstances for a young family.” Sudi has been accusing the lady as not faithful and not trustable.

The Standard reported that in 2015, the bold politician was allegedly involved in a violent gun drama in a club that saw a man brutally assaulted.

Kibet Komen, the man on the receiving end, he had gone out for drinks at Eldoret’s Bamboo Club in the company of his best friend and a lady acquaintance, but little did he know that a night of fun would end up in agony.

“As I was paying for the drinks, I heard a commotion behind me and when I turned, I saw a man assaulting the woman we were with,” Komen claimed.

Komen explained that he swiftly acted and rushed to the table to save the woman, only to bump into the legislator and his escort who descended on him with blows and kicks.

He further alleged that the MP pulled out his gun and pointed it to his face.

“I had not even gone to fight but to find out what was going on. I asked a question and the MP turned on me with kicks and punches. He demanded to know why I was with the woman, whom he claimed was his wife, as his goons of around 15 men descended on me.

“I don’t care what transpired between him and the woman, but if the woman left him, why did he have to attack me?,” Komen told The Standard.

He further elaborated that he knew the woman had been in a relationship with the legislator and had sired a kid with him.

“I know for sure the woman only had a baby with him, then dumped him. Why is he still getting angry if he finds her with other men?” Komen lamented then while threatening to sue the legislator.

The legislator’s side of the story was, however, hilarious as he distanced himself from the saga.

“I walked in and within minutes, there was chaos in the pub, so I walked out. I did not assault him, he was in a crowded bar. I think he picked a fight with somebody, and since I am an MP, he wants to pin it on me because I was also in the same joint.

“I don’t even know why he is complaining. If you are seated with another man’s wife in a bar and you get beaten, do you blame the husband or yourself?” Sudi posed when sought for comment by The Standard.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi addressing the press in Eldoret on Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi addressing the press in Eldoret on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.



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