“Senior wardens baying for my asshole with orders from above” Mike Sonko narrates woes at Industrial area remand


Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has exposed senior prison wardens at Industrial area for frustrating him. He has named Joel Mwangi, Elias Musee and Crispus Mwaniki as the men behind his woes at the Industrial area remand.

“Senior wardens baying for my asshole with orders from above. This is absurd and I am not going to watch them embarrass me” a statement from Mike Sonko read.

Earlier on Monday night, Mike Sonko had complained of how he was mishandled by officers who escorted him to the Industrial area remand.

“I have been denied access to my own room, newspapers, and television. Obado who killed received VIP treatment in the same remand that I am being bullied. Those who are behind this madness will surely meet the wrath of wananchi one day” he added.




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