The law is very clear as Sonko has not stolen more than the dynasties-Murkomen tells judges to lower cash bail


Lawyer Kipchumba Murkomen has ignited a political debate online after he urged the court to lower Governor Sonko’s cash bail as he has not stolen more than dynasties in the country. This has stirred mixed reactions online with opposition followers criticizing the majority leader in the senate for lacking expertise in the field of law.

“The law is very clear as Sonko has not stolen more than the dynasties. This bail is meant to frustrate sons of lesser gods to appease dynasties your honour” a devasted Murkomen quipped.

Mike Sonko has been granted Sh15 million cash bail or Sh30 million bond.

Anti-Corruption Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti in his ruling on Wednesday also barred Sonko from accessing his office saying the county boss can be escorted to pick his belongings from City Hall.

Ogoti said he had considered all the charges, losses made, nature of offences and amount involved in each of the accused persons.

The magistrate told Sonko to ensure his supporters don’t cause unrest and warned him not to incite them to do the same.

All the accused were also barred from approaching or communicating with witnesses in this case.

“On Sonko influencing supporters, Ogoti says pre-trial detention might be necessary for purposes of public order if demonstrated that accused is likely to cause unrest,” he said.

In an attempt to rebut evidence, Sonko had produced a certificate of good conduct in court and awards of good deeds ambassadors.

In his ruling, Ogoti prohibited the accused from commenting on the case on social media.

The governor has been charged with money laundering and unlawful acquisition of public property at City Hall amounting to Sh357 million.

He is also accused of irregularly awarding tenders to his close aides, forging documents and misappropriating county funds.

The county boss denied all the charges on Monday.

The Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution had opposed Sonko’s release on bail.



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