Wavinya Ndeti: Twitter account used to attack King Kaka not mine


Former Machakos Gubernatorial candidate Wavinya Ndeti (pictured) has dismissed reports doing round on social media that she has condemned Rapper King Kanga over his latest hit ‘Wajinga nyinyi’.Speaking to Standard Digital on phone, the former Kathiani MP disowned the Twitter handle Wavinya Ndeti Press team @WavinyPress that purported to have condemned the rapper over his new song.

Wavinya said she only has one twitter account @Wavinya_ Ndeti and urged members of the public to ignore any other twitter account purpoting to be hers.

“I only have one twitter account which is known to everyone, it is not clear to me why some people are using my name to talk about things I don’t know,” she said.According to Wavinya, the fake account was being used by people out to ruin her good name for political reasons.

“I believe the account is operated by individuals who are out to ruin my reputation and so I distance myself from anything posted under the aforementioned handle. I have reported the matter to the police to take quick action.”

Trolled for nothing

She said she was surprised when Kenyans started attacking her online over the tweet which purported to condemn King Kaka and the song yet she doesn’t know anything.Wavinya also condemned a section of the media for falling for the fake tweets and attributing them to her.“It is wrong for the media to use fake tweets to paint me in bad light. They should have contacted me before believing these fake tweets.”

Fiery Lawyer Miguna Miguna is among those who attacked Wavinya online after falling for the fake tweet.Wavinya urged Kenyans to stop being abusive and instead learn to communicate with decorum even when expressing divergent opinions.She accused some youths of being used by her political detractors to tarnish her name and vowed to protect her name through legal channels.

Wavinya who currently chairs the governing council Kenya Institute of Water said she has already reported the matter to the police to investigate the account in question.“I want the police to get to the bottom of this account, because I am fearing my opponents could be using them to tarnish my name,” she added.On the new King Kaka’s song, Wavinya said she is yet to listen to the said song and cannot elaborately comment on it.“Unless you tell me about it, I only hear people talk about a hard-hitting song by King Kaka but I haven’t listened to it,” she said adding that police are on the matter.She, however, said from the name of the song alone, she fears listening to it, adding that being abusive is not the best way to communicate to others.

The new song

King Kaka took the country by storm yesterday with his new song Wajinga Nyinyi (you are fools) calling out Kenyans for their hypocrisy.Through a hard knuckle approach, he lays bare the corruption that has mauled all sectors of the economy, provoking some political leaders who responded fiercely through social media platforms.He boldly says Kenya is being run by thieves, chiding Kenyans that they are yet again set to elect such politicians in 2022. “2022 already si mnajua nani ni prezzi, si mnajua Nyinyi voters ndio washenzi,” he sings.He uploaded his performance in two versions on YouTube: a black and white video of the artist and sign language interpreter performing, and another is a lyrics video. By yesterday afternoon, the six minutes 47 seconds video on YouTube had more than 58,000 views while the lyrics version had 14,000.

The artist does not mince words as he devises a provocative technique to drive his point home, revealing the ugly skeleton structure of Kenya fractured by evil of corruption that has permeated all sectors. Like Kenya’s national anthem, the spoken word poetic performance opens with a prayerful salutation to God whom he thanks for giving him life. It is followed by the gist of the performance where the artist pours his bitter heart out with disheartening observations about the failing leadership. Cases of parody accounts being created under names of politicians have been on the rise in the recent past with nearly all politicians complaining of the vice.



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