Do not delete the song,let her first pay NYS money,Pastor Ng’ang’a sides with King Kaka


Neno evangelism commander pastor Nganga has scolded Kirinyaga governor ann Waiguru sentiments that the hit song Wajinga Nyiyi by king kaka should be deleted failure to which she will move to court.

Pastor Nganga has defended himself saying that he is not a corrupt individual like Waiguru and that the song reflects the true nature of a Kenyan.

“Should the song be taken down because Waiguru feels entitled to personality issues, she should compensate and be ready to pay back all the money she stole at NYS and run to Raila for protection. Peace and mercy should not be served at this point”, he said

However, king kaka has kept quiet over the issue even as kirinyaga governor has already filed a lawsuit against him



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