I could’nt find a beautiful woman in Kenya-Willy Paul on why he is doing chicks from abroad


Singer Willy Paul has now come out to defend himself from rumors that he is ever sidelining Kenyan women and instead doing it from behind with fellow men. Responding to a Kenya Today reporter, the controversial artist now says he is heterosexual and has been doing chicks from abroad after he failed to get the beauty he deserves as a celeb in his motherland country.

Willy Paul was recently spotted by curvaceous and beautiful lasses from the Comoros and Seychelles irritating a section of secret admirers on social media who resorted to mocking him. A number of women on facebook and twitter did not hesitate to refer to the musician’s new catches as Samanthas.

”I don’t say all women are ugly in Kenya. It’s just that they don’t have that beauty that I deserve as an Original gangster.Si kwa ubaya mashore” an unapologetic Willy Paul said teasingly.

”Kenyan women do not pay attention to their men as they only want to be given attention. I date internationally and this enables me to choose the best from each culture and bring it into my relationship, adding new colors and flavors as I am tired of the proud Akothe’s of these sides!” Willy Paul quipped.



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