Matiang’i vows to revoke Okash and Opesa mobile apps loans Licenses


Interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i has now said that the government will revoke Okash and Opesa mobile apps loans licences in Kenya. This follows a cry that the finance lenders are charging Kenyans with high-interest rates.

Detectives in Kenya are now in pursuit of Chinese owned Okash and Opesa Mobile loan management after a number of users gave thumbs down reviews for charging exhorbitant interests. Kenyans went viral on social media accusing Okash and Opesa of fraud. The government has been urged to intervene and save the unemployed population from being exploited by the foreign beast.

Kenyans have called Okash and Opesa a scam because their credit worthiness wouldn’t allow them access to loans.

Another warned other users of their data privacy as Okash is owned by Opera, a browser which might use private data for its desktop and mobile browser-based ads or just collect user behaviour across all of Africa.

How Okash and Opesa works

Okash and Opesa will give you a loan that is due in 14 days at an exorbitant interest rate. They will call you a day before your due date to remind you that your loan is due tomorrow.

When you are late on the payment even for 2 days, they will start texting everyone on your phonebook asking them to tell you to pay your loan.

That is an infringement of your privacy and no one deserves to go through that.
Imagine them texting your boss to tell you to pay your loan of ksh 2300. It’s such an embarrassment.

They will go ahead and text some of your friends and your relatives just because you are late on paying their loan by two or three days




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