Modern Coast Gives Update on Bus Fare Refund


Troubled Modern Coast Express Limited bus company has given an update on the status of the bus fare refund to its passengers after a day of uncertainty.

The scene of accident involving two of Modern Coast buses that claimed at least 7 lives

In a statement issued on Monday evening, the bus company stated that the process of refunds through Mpesa for all affected passengers had been initiated while adding that the process would conclude after a few days due to the high volume of refunds involved.


We have initiated the process of refunds through Mpesa for all affected passengers who were not able to travel between 12.12.2019 and 16.12.2019. Due to the volume of refunds involved, we expect to conclude this process in the next few days.


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The firm also stated that each of the affected passengers would receive a discount of KSh 300 for their next travel.

“All passengers who were not able to travel between 12.12.2019 and 16.12.2019 will also receive a KES 300 discount voucher code via text message for their next new ticket purchase with Modern Coast that is valid till 30.03.2020,” part of the statement reads.

“So far 46 buses have been inspected at the various inspection centres across the country by NTSA whilst the rest of the fleet is awaiting inspection. We expect the rest of the fleet to be finalized in the next few days.”

Frustrated passengers had earlier today complained after failing to receive their money, with others met with a rude shock after they found the company’s offices closed when they went to follow up on the matter.

NTSA had directed that all the company’s 88 buses be inspected afresh with police on high alert for Modern Coast buses operating during the suspension period.

Modern Coast drivers attending a refresher driving course on December 14

“Following the early Thursday morning crash involving two of their buses, the Authority has with immediate effect suspended the Company’s operator’s licence and initiated a thorough investigation into its safety standards and operations,” NTSA said on Thursday following a head-on collision accident involving two of their buses that claimed at least 7 lives.

The firm also exuded confidence that its operations would resume normalcy soon while adding that all its drivers and conductors had successfully completed the refresher course that was facilitated by the NTSA on Saturday 14th Dec 2019.


We expect to be back on the road very soon to serve our customers, especially those who’s travel plans have been disrupted. Thanking you for your continued support.

Modern Coast Express Limited.

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