“Only had quickies with Jowie,he was never my boyfriend”-Jacque Maribe tells online stalkers


Former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe has made it clear that Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has never been her boyfriend. In a statement, Maribe says she used to hover with Jowie in clubs as he was a party animal just like her. She further narrates how she engaged in coitus with the murder suspect at times when they both wanted to cool their heads.

The unapologetic Jacque Maribe maintains that just like Jowie she is also not legally married and nobody has the right to troll her sex life as she is busy minding her own business.

“For the sake of clearing the rumours I will not keep mum as hypocrites keep on backbiting me. I am here to tell the online detectives and hooligans that Jowie was never my boyfriend. We call each other friends with benefits as we have gone through a lot together. We may have had quickies together but who gives you the moral authority to lecture us? I thought we are all consenting adults who are fucking single.There is no big deal when consenting adults decide to incite each other’s private parts you Satan!” an angry Maribe said.

Recently netizens asked Maribe to come clean on whom she was going out with since she has been seen with Dennis Itumbi, Jowie and Omondi at different times.

In response, Maribe told Facebook user: “@Dannydunhillison nilitangaza hukuona. Niko single AF. Those are my friends.”



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