Emerging: Kaka Empire has not paid taxes for 5 years totaling to Ksh 7.2M,to face tax evasion related counts


News reports suggest Rapper King Kaka may not have paid taxes for the past five years. According to reports, the rapper has formed a manufacturing company that has not been complying with the tax obligations as per the tax laws.

King Kaka might face tax evasion related counts including failure to pay taxes and failure to file returns.

“Recovery of taxes totalling to Ksh 7.2 million from Mr Ombima is underway. The process will kick off as soon as we finish the investigation process. The offences contravene Section 97(c) as read with Section 104(3) of the Tax Procedures Act 2015” an insider tells a Kenya Today reporter in a statement.

The tax evasion debate comes at a time when the rapper is facing criticisms from some members of the ruling class after his latest song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ became the talk of the country.

The Kenya Revenue Authority had earlier on this year promised to prosecute 600 individuals this year for tax evasion related cases.

In 2018,KRA prosecuted 222 individuals over tax evasion and recovered taxes amounting to Sh12.9 billion.



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