”Waiguru should carry her own cross.No Kikuyu stolen with her” Waititu struggles with English to defend King Kaka


Governor Ferdinand Waititu may hit the headlines of memes and jokes on social media after he urged Governor Anne Waiguru to stop dragging the Kikuyu community in her woes. In a statement that indicated a struggle with the English language, Baba Yao has warned the Kirinyaga Governor to shun from propagating tribalism in the country.

”Waiguru should carry her own cross as no Kikuyu stolen with her” Waititu shouted amid laughter from the glaring crowd. A cheeky Waititu went on to say ”Mimi hata mcheke kizungu yangu niliwaambia sikuenda nursery school” loosely translated to ”Even if you laugh at my English I already told you that I did not attend nursery school”

The Kiambu Governor who is still facing the wrath of residents over corruption allegations has further urged Governor Waiguru not to speak on behalf of the Mount Kenya until she is crowned to do so.



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