”Wives are busy getting pregnant others are suing rappers. BBI dead?” Cate Waruguru mocks Waiguru


Laikipia Woman Representative, Cate Waruguru has joined the bandwagon that is criticizing Governor Anne Waiguru after she threatened to file a lawsuit against rapper King Kaka. Speaking in a fundraising occasion in Laikipia county, Cate Waruguru has continued to vehemently oppose the Building Bridges Initiative terming leaders like Waiguru as an idle slay queen.

”When wives are busy getting pregnant for their husbands others are busy suing rappers and you wonder whether the Building Bridges Initiative is still alive to keep them busy. I have listened to King Kaka’s song and can confirm that this woman is either mentally unstable or she is being misled by a section of power brokers in her region. We expect her to enlighten the masses about the Building Bridges Initiative which we now suspect is dead” an unapologetic Cate Waruguru said.

Waruguru, who has previously warned Anne Waiguru not to speak on behalf of the Mount Kenya region, explained that “It is the responsibility of every Kenyan to campaign against this animal called corruption. Leaders like Waiguru are only trying to prove that they are powerful than the power of the people. What is she trying to show the young generation by planning to sue a rapper who only ignited a debate that was long buried by reminding the masses? This is absurd!” Waruguru told her audience during the fundraising occasion.



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