”Top girl in KCSE is my daughter” Barasa resurfaces 17 years after abandoning baby mama


Mr. Enos Barasa Ekelea has made a surprise appearance into the life of KCSE top girl, Maryanne Njeri Barasa all smiles ready to assume his responsibilities as a father 17 years after abandoning his baby mama.

2019 Top girl in KCSE, Maryanne Njeri Barasa

After fifteen years of silence, Mr. Enos Barasa is back ready to make amends and fully fund his daughter to a University of her choice. Maryanne, the second-best student nationally from Kenya High School says she will meet up with him to get his account of why he abandoned her and her mother 17 years ago.

Cases of single mothers struggling to raise children alone and later on seeing the fathers of their children trying to make comebacks are very rampant.

On Wednesday afternoon, the highly anticipated KCSE results were announced with Maryanne Njeri Barasa emerging number two in the country and topping the ladies.

The Kenya High School alumnus was on Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday night and many couldn’t help but notice that she was not only intelligent and well-spoken but beautiful too.

Even the host Jeff Koinange complimented her dashing smile by saying “You have a beautiful smile and brain. Beauty and brains, good luck Maryanne.”

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“My success is God’s doing…I want to study medicine in Havard…”

~Top KCSE 2019 female candidate Barasa Maryanne Njeri#JKLive@KoinangeJeff

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During the interview, Maryanne attributed her success and her high school’s success to God.

“It’s really God who enabled us to pass since we are a really religious school, we were also a united class and we helped each other a lot,” she disclosed.

Maryanne Njeri Barasa (Courtesy)

Maryanne who hopes to study Medicine at Harvard University revealed that she still can’t believe that she was among the top students in the country.

“I’m still in disbelief and I’m waiting for someone to wake me up. It took a lot of discipline and work ethic (to perform so well),” she revealed.

As for medicine, Maryanne believes that it’s her calling, “It has always been a passion of mine. Somewhere deep in my heart, I knew it.”

Maryanne Njeri Barasa (Courtesy)

Top Students

Below are the top ten students:

1. Buluma Wabuko Tony – Kapsabet Boys (87.159 points)

2. Barasa Maryanne Njeri – Kenya High School (87.087 points)

3. Aboge David Odjiambo – Kapsabet Boys (87.080 points)

4. Antony Owuor Ochieng’- Maseno High School (87.00 points)

5. Madhuri Natasha Wawira- Kenya High School (86.961 points)

6. Kizito Ezra Sikuta- Moi High Kabarak (86.960 points)

7. Lomani Chelegat- Alliance Girls (86 points)

8. Ngathi Hellen Ndoki- Kenya High School (86.914 points)

9. Siele Chelegat Eileen- Moi Forces Academy Lanet (86.900 points)

10. Lauren Chelegat Ruto- St Bridgit Girls Kimilili (86.500 points)



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