Lady faints at Kisii University after her entire village showed up at her graduation in a hearse


Ephie Moraa has been hospitalized moments after she fainted at Kisii University. At 8:22 am on Friday, the graduand is reported to have lost her consciousness after 15 people arrived at her graduation ceremony by a hearse.

It is reported that the 24-year-old went silent for a few seconds, became dizzy, stumbled and fell on the ground moments after the arrival of her villagers.

Ephie had arrived at the graduation square barely 50 minutes before the unfortunate twist of events.

The 15 who are members from her village in Suneka have been apprehended by police officers pending an investigation into the matter.

Ephie Moraa has successfully completed a four-year degree course in Psychology and is set to graduate today at Kisii University.

It has not been established why Moraa’s parents have not arrived at the graduation ceremony as she has been unable to speak for the past one hour.



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