I waste three quarters of my salary on loose women-City Lawyer says he has no regrets,he’s just a whistleblower


Lawyer Steve Ogolla has rubbished claims that he is regretting sending a whooping Ksh 500 000 to a woman he dated on facebook. Speaking to Kenya Today, the learned fellow says he has been spending three-quarters of his salary on loose women since 2010 and he does not understand why Kenyans are amused after he lost just  0.5 million Ksh to a facebook con artist.

Photo of Ciara Harris disguised as Dorcus Sarkozy conned lawyer five hundred thousands Ksh.The account is operated by a man

“I was only being my brother’s keeper by whistleblowing the whole saga. I don’t understand why my name is doing rounds on social media platforms when I was just robbed 0.5 million Ksh. I am trying to imagine how the mood would be if the money in question was close to a fucking 50 thousand dollars!” an apologetic Steve Ogolla stated.

The lawyer has further urged social media users to be vigilant enough and avoid falling into online money milking tricks. ” I waste three-quarters of my salary on loose women every month and that is to mean I had budgeted for the 500k that disappeared. It is painful being conned when you have nothing and that is why I urge young men who have high libido to avoid falling for these online crooks” the lawyer told reporters.



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