Pastor Ng’ang’a warns PLO Lumumba to stop eyeing his wife


Apostle James Nganga of Neno Evangelism Church has threatened to deal with PLO Lumumba claiming that the eloquent lawyer has developed an irresistible lust for his curvaceous wife Mercy Murugi. According to the 66-year-old, he did not like the way the Professor handled his wife during a celebration at Neno Evangelism Church on December 26.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a and his wife

An angry Ng’ang’a told his congregation “Tuheshimiane ikifika ni wakati bibi yangu ako hapo. PLO Lumumba ni wakati unafaa ujue hakuna usomi kwa bibi ya mtu” loosely translated to “Let’s respect each other when my wife is in there. PLO Lumumba, you should know that there is no intellectualism to someone’s wife”

Speaking to one of our reporters on Sunday, the unapologetic Ng’ang’a has also reminded his followers to respect his decision of marrying a younger wife as it is the will of God.

Ng’ang’a and Mercy Murugi tied the knot in 2012 at the Windsor Golf Club in a wedding attended by popular politicians, close friends, and family.

he has described his wife as a beautiful woman with brains determined to help him spread the gospel of Yahweh on earth.



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