”My relationship with Otile made me believe most men are dogs” Vera Sidika opens heart


Socialite Vera Sidika has come out to clear the air if she still has feelings left for R&B singer Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown. In an interview with Don Obambla, the curvaceous celebrity says she regrets ever meeting Otile Brown, a man she passionately describes as a woman eater, a serial joker, and pretender.

When asked to give her opinion on men, Vera unapologetically laments ” My relationship with Otile made me believe most men are dogs. When I am in a relationship I expect total attention from the man who has stolen my heart. It is absurd that he didn’t want me to hang around with men when he was publicly fooling with girls ”

A year ago,  Otile Brown and Vera Sidika called it a quit, in a relationship that had been on for months.

Taking to her Instagram account, socialite Vera Sidika said the singer dumped her without any clear reasons as to why he no longer needed her.

Seemingly very hurt, Sidika said she had to reveal this to social media citing that ‘the social media was also involved in the relationship’.




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