“I made my first million through a 1 minute sex duration” Huddah Monroe reveals the secret to success


Sexy lass Huddah Monroe says she is not ashamed to share her success story with fellow women. Huddah who is a Kenyan socialite shamelessly brags of how she harvested her first million from an old man who sexed her for only one minute.

The gorgeous yellow yellow sexy socialite proudly says she has made it her personal duty to provide a resting head to old billionaires before they meet their death.

While other women are busy working hard to make ends meet, Huddah is busy exposing what her mama gave her to milk money from men who have an irresistible appetite for the obvious.

“I made my first million through a 1-minute sex duration and I cannot even remember the guka’s name. It is prudent for women to empower themselves and stop this boring habit of begging money from broke men” Huddah Monroe tells Kenya Today.



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