Drunk husband circumcized by wife in Migori after failing to raise form one school fees


A 35-year-old mother has hit headlines for circumcising her long-time husband for failing to raise school fees for their daughter who scored 358 marks in last year’s Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education.

Officers in Migori have confirmed the incident, saying the woman and her husband have not been at good terms since Wednesday night.

Mrs. Patricia Kihusa decided to ambush her drunk husband on Saturday, roughed him up before embarking on the circumcision mission.

According to Patricia, Mr. Edwin Oloo who is her husband has been wasting money on alcohol without saving anything for their daughter’s education. The unapologetic woman who has been arrested by police officers pending an investigation into the matter says she took the move to transit her husband into a responsible adult.

Edwin Oloo who sustained injuries on his private parts was rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

His daughter is due to join Form One at Lwak Girls this month.



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