Makueni Man’s Testicles Explodes While Using Anointing Oil as S3x Lubricant

  • The man & his lover were welcoming the new year.
  • His lover was reportedly against the use of anointing oil during the entertainment.
  • Man’s family seeking spiritual deliverance pointing out what happened was a sin given the man was married but committed adultery.

Cleophas Muli 38, was on Tuesday night hospitalized at a Makueni hospital after his testicles exploded while using anointing oil as lubricant during intercourse.

Cleophas who is a married man was having and entertainment with his lover ( side chick) only identified as Mwende in one of the hotels when the ugly incident happened.

According to a source who works in the hotel who spoke to The Daily Statesman, Cleophas & his partner checked in on Monday night and booked one of the rooms for a 5-day stay.

It is reported that at around 11: 55 PM, on Tuesday night, cries of pain were heard from their room and after the hotel’s security arrived and learned what had happened, they took him to the hospital as the hotel management questioned Mwende.

According to Mwende, they used all the sex oil they had with them during the day and when the night came, Cleophas went out to look but didn’t find any.

She narrated that he then came up with an idea she was against. Mr. Muli told her with him he had anointing oil that his wife had given him to take along with him to his workplace in Lamu County.

Mwende did not agree to it first but after the two realized they had no option, she accepted.

It was minutes later into what she says ” good heavenly moods” that it was cut short by an explosion that spilled blood all over followed by Muli’s loud cries of pain.

The family was on Wednesday morning and according to Muli’s brother, who is a pastor, he needs spiritual deliverance before any medical treatment.

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According to him, their brother, being a family committed adultery.

It is alleged on 30 December, Mr. Cleophas told his wife he was expected to report back to his workplace where he works as a security officer.

The wife knowing the nature & dangers that come along with her husband’s work while on duty, handed him a bottle full of anointing oil.

The doctors have confirmed Muli has been attended to and in stable condition.



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