Man In Court For Telling A Woman Her Private Part Stink


A man from Nairobi was on 7 January 2020 arraigned at the Mililani Law Courts for allegedly abusing a woman at the Maasai Market.

David Kigoma Onguyi was charged with causing disorder in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace. He is alleged to have insulted Nyaboke on Sunday, 5 January 2020, at her Maasai Market curio shop.

Onguyi supposedly told Nyaboke, “Wewe ni mchafu, na hauna suruali. Na kama uko nayo, najua imetoboka. Kisha, tafuta tissue utumie kujipanguza ukienda kukojoa (You are dirty, and you don’t wear panties. And if you have one, I am sure it’s torn. Then, remember to wipe yourself with a tissue paper when you go for a short call of nature).”

Onguyi, who works as a porter and menial worker at the same market, is reported to have threatened to beat up the lady after that.

The purported insults started after Nyaboke allegedly asked Onguyi to settle a debt of Ksh 500 that he owed her.

The court was told that the indicted took a customer to Nyaboke’s curio shop on 19 December 2019, and the customer collected goods worth Ksh 500.

She gave Onguyi the money to hand it over to Nyaboke, but he didn’t give Nyaboke that money promising that he would settle her later that day.

Nyaboke’s subsequent attempts to have accused settle the debt did not end positively.

On Sunday, 5 January 2020, Onguyi flowed to Nyaboke’s shop and allegedly begun to utter the said abuses suing that Nyaboke’s genitals were stinking.

The other traders in the market watched Onguyi throw insult at the woman in disbelief.

Nyaboke, after that, reported the case at KICC Police Station, and the suspect was later arrested. Onguyi, however, repudiated the charges before Mothoni Nzibe, the Senior Resident Magistrate and was released on a cash bail of Ksh 10,000. The case hearing date will be on 21 January 2020.



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