Ng’ang’as wife heavily pregnant 9 months after giving birth


Mercy Murugi is walking with evidence of carrying Pastor Ng’ang’as seed in her womb barely 9 months after giving birth.

The controversial evangelist has urged critics to stop meddling in his family affairs as it is none of their business. Speaking to a congregation, the Pastor has said that he is not planning to tell his wife to abort the unborn like most women do in the country.

An unpologetic Ng’ang’a retorted “Wengine leo nmesikia wakisema Ng’ang’a amepea bibi mimba ingine na amezaa juzi. Mnataka niitoe vile wasichana wenu hufanya? Watoto ni baraka kutoka kwa mwenyezi Mungu” lossely tanslated to “Today I heard some people saying that Ng’ang’a has impregnated the wife again when she just gave birth recently. Do you want me to procure an arbotion for her like your daughters do? Children are a blessing from the almighty God”

Ng’ang’a and Mercy Murugi tied the knot in 2012 at the Windsor Golf Club in a wedding attended by popular politicians, close friends and family.

Ng’ang’a’s relationship with Mercy has faced opposition from many church members, who think she is too young for the 67-year-old pastor.



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