My Boyfriend Used My Sh250,000 To Fund His Wedding to Another Woman – Lady Cries


A lady recently confessed about the horrible things she underwent in the hands of her boyfriend.

From learning of his wedding through Facebook to funding his wedding, she has seen it all. The drama all started with a proposal in Dec 2016:

“Dec 2016, he asked me to marry him. I was to meet his family in January. His number was switched off for someday. In fact, I couldn’t reach him till Jan 4th. The last I heard from who was Dec 30th,” she revealed.




When she finally managed to get a hold of him, he said that they needed to take a break and it was during the break when she learned that he was getting married.

“Long story short, I woke up one morning to see his wedding card on Facebook. He was getting married to someone he had initially introduced to me as his sister. She was 5 months pregnant. And guess what again? We had a circle of friends and everyone knew I don’t indulge. I don’t drink, smoke, club. I’m not extravagant. So they all made a bet on who would get to sleep with me. So he waited two years to achieve that feat. So it was all a bet. It was never real,” she added.

As if that was not enough, she unwittingly funded his wedding.

“He told me of an investment he made and he needed money for something. Sounded real. I was in love and he really had no reason to lie. He was supposed to pay back in like a week or so when everything was ok. I cleared my account. 250K I was saving for my house rent. Dude used that money to do his wedding. So, I contributed money for my bf to do his wedding. I was kicked out of my house, I lost my job and my bf got married. From there till now I haven’t been normal,” she confessed.




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