Ukiachwa Achika – Comedian Brags About Banging Woman for 5 Hours

Comedian Manuu with Prof Hamo (Courtesy)

Popular stand-up comedian and online content creator Manuu found himself at the centre of conversation after he allegedly had sex with a girl for 5 hours.

The lady took to Facebook page ‘Kilimani Mums’ to expose the guy who was no longer picking up her calls after they had sex.

“Guys help me this guy screwed me 5 hours nonstop hadi nikipanda gari sikua nakaa kwa kiti ju kuwashwa p*ssy but sai hashiki kols zangu akishika anasema ako busy🤦‍♂️.. I love him so much pls help me tag him anaitwa Manuu KE.(manuukenya) Anakuanga mcee/actor.. ako kwa ii grup na ni mtu known,” read her post.

The post was met with mixed reactions with some finding the whole post hilarious while others felt that Manuu used a pseudo account to create this post in a bid to create a buzz around his name.

Comedian Manuu (Courtesy)

His enthusiasm when responding to this claim indicates that his critics could have been right.

Taking to Facebook the comedian responded to the whole drama by admitting that he banged the lady. He then went on add that when someone is done with you, then you should keep it moving.
“Na sijakata kushika fon ya mtu walai yes i scrwed her well but.. kama umeachwa achika tu🤦‍♂️,” wrote Manuu on his Facebook page.



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