How to successfully get shortlisted for a Job Interview


When it comes to seeking a job, most professionals, more so the youths in Kenya mostly don’t know where to start. Most of them or us while growing up and in university were told by our relatives that they shall connect us to jobs. The reality usually sink in when a young person has graduated and now seeking to be placed somewhere he can work for a good salary.

Most young people in Kenya get disappointing results when they begin submitting their CVs and Cover Letters.

Now, there are only two things when recruiters are not responding to your job applications, it is either you lack the qualifications or simply your CV is the one failing you. If you feel that you have got the required skill set, then you need to consult a Professional CV Writer to help you with your CV and Cover Letter, professional Resume Writers also assist so many people in coming up with their LinkedIn profiles to appear more eye-catchy.

Your Cover Letter is also one of the most important job seeking document that must be given the attention it deserves. It is like a marketing tool which means if not well presented it is then bound to fail a job seeker, click here for more CV Services.



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