Pastor annoints students unable to raise form one school fees with sperms


Pastor Jeremy Maina has received public criticisms moments after he declared that he has been consecrated with divine semen of the holy spirit to ordain a financial breakthrough of parents who are unable to raise school fees for their children.

Maina’s adherent followers have come out to defend him citing that the man of God secured the future of many students in 2019 moments after the students were anointed with the holy sperms of Naaman.

According to the Pastor, the spirit of the Lord is upon him to help the less fortunate in society. He has urged the poor to drum support him as he administers the gospel on earth.

On January 15, Maina is said to have been caught red-handed rubbing his manhood in the face of a female student who is unable to raise her school fees, at the same time promising her a financial breakthrough due to the divine liquid.



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