“I’m Still a Virgin” 63-Year-Old Makueni Woman Reveals


Kenyan Women on Social media are up in arms after a video of a woman identified as Caroline Mwende, a resident of Makueni County claiming she is a virgin went round on social media.

Mwende speaking during a church event surprised and shocked the audience when she revealed that at 63 years, her virginity is still intact and she is still a virgin.

In the video that has gone viral in the county’s social media forums, Mwende was encouraging unmarried women to protect their purity saying there is no honor one can give to God & her body than holding on to their dignity.

She affirmed that she has never gone past kissing, never used intimacy gadgets, and she is not in a relationship at the moment.

Mwende pointed out how she grew up in a Christian home and believes in waiting till marriage, however, she is yet to be the right partner.

According to her, The men she has met only demand for sex but once she made clear to them that it was not going to happen until marriage they ran away.

She claimed most of the people including some of her friends think she’s an abnormal woman.

However, she terms her virginity the pride and what keeps her moving teaming it a mark of purity.



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