Developing: Babu Owino and DJ to be charged for playing Fatal Russian Roulette while drunk


Emerging reports indicate that Embakasi East legislator and DJ Evolve risk being charged with attempted involuntary manslaughter after authorities in the country established that the two were fatally exchanging bullet shots during a game of Russian roulette at B Club in Kilimani.

In what is described as a joke gone bad, drunk Babu Owino and DJ Evolve began playing with guns, according to police findings.

DJ Evolve produced a revolver, emptied the cylinder and put one round back in before spinning and pointing it Babu Owino. The gun did not fire when he pulled the trigger, the report indicated.

Babu Owino then took the gun back, pointed it at the DJ and pulled the trigger. The gun went off and the DJ was fatally shot in the neck, the report further explains.

The shooting has raised questions in the country as Kenyans online pressurize authorities to speed the investigation process and administer justice.



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