Boni khalwale Unique shirt that engages him to evil deeds


The vocal Ex senator from kakamega Bhoni khalwale has always surprised followers in political Rallies. Kenyatrending reporters have revealed  that khalwale wears one shirt that has acted as defence in times of Danger.

The sight of Dr Bonnie Khalwale engaging an unidentified opponent in a vicious stone-throwing duel at the dusty DC’s grounds in Kibra during kibra  was a dramatic episode to behold.

It is the kind of stuff that provokes one to quip — in the youth parlance — “kweli hapa ndio penye siasa imefikisha Mhesh Khalwale”.

Except for his smart and well-ironed outfit, and his unmistakable face and voice, one cannot tell that this particular combatant is a medical doctor and an honourable former senator.

Holding the rocky arsenals in his hands at the back, the vocal politician carefully monitors the unfolding volatile situation at the polling centre. Like an expert that he is, in matters streetwise, he singles out an opponent and starts unleashing a cycle of missiles in quick succession.

Khalwale, who has been on the front line campaigning for Ruto , do not seem to have any bodyguards with him.



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