“I’m Married but Can’t Stop Thinking of this Kisii Man Because of what he did to me, ” Woman Reveals


On December 6th 2019, I had gone to Shoprite to purchase a cream when met this man who inquired about the cream and I told him.

We chatted a little bit then he demanded my number which I refused to give to him.

He begged for my number for a very long time but when he saw that I was not ready to give in, he went into his chest pocket and fetch his complementary card then he dipped it into my bag and went away.After two few days, I decided to call him. Makori ( other names withheld) as I was to learn later was his name.

Since then we’ve been meeting over the weekends but it was until last week when the unexpected happened.

I do not understand how it happened only that we were on our usual friendly date when we started kissing and later spent the night together.

Since then I keep thinking about him and I feel like my husband does not satisfy me anymore.

Please advise me. I don’t know what to do.



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