“Jesus forgave the whole world for salvation,who am I not to forgive a single Babu Owino who is now settling my hospital bills?” DJ Evolve wants matter settled out of court


DJ Evolve now says unknown forces are compelling him to press charges against the Embakasi East legislator whom he forgave a long time ago. According to the youthful DJ, he is determined to solve his differences with Babu Owino outside courtrooms after an Angel of the Lord appeared to him through a vision.

Kilimani OCPD Lucas Ogara yesterday told The Standard that police are ready to press charges against the MP. The MP is expected to take plea today at a Milimani court.

Over the weekend, the lawmaker was transferred from Kilimani Police Station to Gigiri Police Station due to the high number of visitors he was receiving. Meanwhile, Orinda continues to make steady recovery, three days after he was shot.His father, Johanes Orinda, told reporters that although the disc jockey was far from making a full recovery, his life was out danger.“He can barely speak. He cannot even move his hands,” said the father.

“He can only move his head, he cannot move his lower body yet.”According to the family, Orinda’s first surgery was successful and surgeons removed the bullets lodged his body. He is scheduled to undergo a second surgery today.

One of his friends who sought anonymity told reporters that Orinda did not wish to discuss the shooting and the events that led to it.

He told The Standard that the family was still unsure about the hospital bill, and that arrangements were being made on how to settle it.



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