Revealed: Basco paints manager sodomizes a painter in exchange for a contract extension


It has come to our attention lately over a case reported by one of basco paints products painter who has been working for the company for over two years now.He revealed some shocking on-goings in the company.

Our reporter investigated and was able to discover that the company had a massive retrenchment of its workers and for one to survive you must lie low and follow their orders.One manager by the name Nikihil who oversees the ongoings of the painters (brigade) at forest road was adversely mentioned by a large percentage of the painters because he had very serious and uncalled for demands.

It was reported that Nikihil the operations manager forced a new painter to having anal sex with him so that his contract be increased to 6 months from 3 months.

Our attempt to reach him over the matter failed since he hanged up on us



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