“The mzungu cannot satisfy Gladys just like Ben 10s and I failed” Sam Shollei tells ex wife to move on peacefully


Photos of Uasin Gishu Woman Representative Gladys Boss Shollei posing with an unidentified mzungu man have now escalated tension between her and her ex-husband Sam Shollei who has now married another woman.

According to the Former Standard Group CEO, his ex-wife has paid bloggers to circulate pictures of the mzungu man with an aim of hurting him.

“I moved on the day I married a submissive lady as per the will of the creator in the holy books. Circulating images of an old mzungu to scare and belittle me is wayward. The mzungu cannot satisfy Gladys, Ben 10s also failed just like me” Sam Shollei stated.

Gladys Shollei and the mzungu man seemingly having a good time. Photo: Lemiso Sato Emmanuel. Source: Facebook

It is not known when the colorful photos which are telling by all standards were taken, but the images have got tongues wagging.

However, no media could not verify whether the two were an item or just friends. Gladys who once the Judiciary’s chief registrar has been silent on their divorce which caught many by surprise despite Shollei blaming her for wrecking their 25-year-old union.

Gladys and the mystery man out on an unknown beach. Photo: Lemiso Sato Emmanuel. Source: Facebook

Sam Shollei’s new union with Faith ignited online discussions in which Kenyans tried to decipher who between the politician and the former CEO was the cause of the union’s dissolution.



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