Raila Denies Reaching Out to Ruto in Mombasa BBI Meeting


ODM party leader Raila Odinga on Saturday has outwardly denied claims of ever reaching to Deputy President  William Ruto as earlier claimed by the latter in a recent interview.

Raila speaking during the third sensitization drive in Mombasa at the Mama Ngina waterfront ridiculed the DP for according to him he could not approach a person who was not a presidential candidate to address national issues.

ODM Party leader Raila Odinga at The Mombasa BBI Meeting

“Juzi nmeskia mtu mwingine akisema ati  mimi nilitafuta yeye. Natafuta wewe kama nani wewe? Wewe hukuwa candidate…Kama ningekuwa natafuta mtu, mimi ningetafuta Uhuru pekee yake.(Recently I heard someone claiming that I was looking for him. I was looking for you as who? You were not a presidential candidate… If I was to look for someone then I would look for Uhuru alone  )”

The former premier said in a statement ostensibly directed to Ruto.

This was not the first time Mr Ruto was making the claims.

Ruto said that Mr Odinga made several advances to him, on phone and through emissaries, seeking an engagement but he declined since he did not believe his sincerity.

“Raila Odinga approached me four times to have a discussion but I declined. I told him we have only one centre of command … I informed the President, whom I told I would not engage Raila,” he said.

This, however, did not come to be as President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga formed a political union known as a handshake to effect of this.

Ruto since then never hid his disdain for the handshake, accusing Mr Odinga of attempting to use it to break up Jubilee.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr Odinga have never opened up on who exactly brokered the deal that has since changed the country’s political architecture following the birth of the BBI.



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