“I have zero respect for single mothers because they deny their children an earthly God to prove a point” Rev Victor Githu


Kenya’s youngest reverend Victor Githu has yet again faced the wrath of Kenyans after he sensationally criticized single mothers for denying innocent children an earthy God who is a father figure just to prove a point. Rev Victor who has found himself on the lips of many has warned of the wrath of God to parents who part ways instead of solving their differences according to the will of God.

The 10-year-old messenger of God has unapologetically asked single mothers to lower their pride, ask for forgiveness and be submissive to their husbands as per the will of God.

“It is absurd. I mean it is absurd to see grownup people separating over just a text. In the end, it is children who suffer the most. I will not shy from telling these adults the truth because what has sent me to deliver the message existed millenniums before them. Shame on you for punishing innocent toddlers” an authoritative Victor stated.

He once disclosed that he would not follow some characters from his parents but will follow those from Jesus fully. He revealed that he preaches in clubs to bring people to God.

The young preacher who is also a musician said his dream is to have an international church and believes it will come to pass.

1.His Character

Victor has this wired behaviour that he has been portraying in public that has annoyed a number of people including Florence Onyango who said, “Sio kwa ubaya but I kinda don’t like how this kid carries himself around… HONESTLY”.

Lilyanne Ndege “I no longer watch clips of this kid too initially I did until I realized najikasirisha bure”
2.Style of preaching

He has got the preacher tweng , voice and suit and theatrics locked down though, he is more of a comedian than a preacher.

Some think he has mental problems.

Diana Muga “Mental illness detected, this kid should be helped”.
Wambui Kariko “Parents need to do better. Something about this kid isn’t right with me”.

Here is Victor’s latest video while in Juja.


Here is the video that first brought him to the limelight.



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