“You will need a certificate of good conduct to be a single mother in this country” Government declares


Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has warned women who walk out from marriages without apparent reason only to end up blaming the government for their misfortunes.

Cases of immorality, increasing poverty and domestic violence have contributed to the government undertaking the new twist of events. Government reports indicate that most single mothers abuse their children emotionally, and this has resulted in the resurgence of a half baked generation that only depends on others.

Speaking in a fundraising occasion in Nairobi, Mr. Matiang’i has reiterated that cases of child neglect emerge because of the unnecessary wrangles between couples. The government’s declaration has stirred mixed reactions amongst Kenyans with majority of the female population appearing to vehemently oppose the move.

“Why should grownups punish innocent children in the name of filthy excuses. We will be heading in the wrong direction as a country if we don’t stop this now. For anyone to declare herself as a single mother, she will have to produce a valid certificate of good conduct. Bright children cannot join their schools of choice because in some cases the mother doesn’t want to involve the father in educating the student” Matiang’i stated.



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