Why it’s Not Over for Waititu, Kenyan Hero Fighting Coronavirus in China & Tanga Tanga to Oppose Powerful PM


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Ferdinand Waititu has been sent packing despite denying that he is married to his wife and asking the senators to ‘honestly’ make a fair judgement. Waititu, a man who is on record saying he only fears God and hot porridge realised that his ‘courage’ couldn’t stop reggae in the Senate.

Apart from allegedly stealing public funds and generously dishing it out to his ‘wives’, Baba Yao also grabbed a widow’s land. The man did not deserve to lead the distinguished people of Kiambu or hold any other public position, unfortunately, we could say the same about most of those who impeached him.

Despite his alleged crimes, Waititu is a Kenyan and deserves a fair hearing. We don’t understand why the honourable Senators chose to ignore this critical issue in the impeachment process despite having Senior Counsels like James Orengo and Okong’o Omogeni in their ranks.

Waititu argued that the impeachment process was flawed as Kiambu MCAs did not follow the procedure as stipulated in the law. There was no requisite number of members in the Assembly during his impeachment.

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka was also faulted for convening the house 28 days after the impeachment motion whereas the law requires him to do so within seven days.

Baba Yao will certainly take his fight to the courts and if he argues his case right, the Judiciary will have no otherwise but to reinstate him. In 2017, the Supreme Court nullified the Presidential elections over ‘illegalities and irregularities.’ It seems our institutions did not learn anything from that ruling.

The Senators could have indirectly saved a corrupt person. But of course, they will blame the Judiciary for their shortcomings!

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News:

Waititu to take Fight to Court

 Ferdinand Waititu, Senate, impeachment
Waititu impeached

The entrenched divisions in Jubilee Party yesterday cost Kiambu Governor Ferdinard Waititu his seat after senators voted to impeach him.

Differences between the Kieleweke group, that is allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta, and that of Tanga Tanga, associated with Deputy President William Ruto, played out on the floor of the Senate during proceedings that were characterized by name-calling, shouting and character assassination.

But the Governor will not go down without a fight and is expected to challenge the Senate’s decision in the courts.

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Kenyan Hero Helping Fight Coronavirus in China

Raphael Ohuru Nyaruaba
Kenyan Scientist Raphael Nyaruaba

When Raphael Nyaruaba got a scholarship to study in China, he knew he was just part of hundreds of lucky Kenyan students training under the Sino-Africa Joint Research Centre, Beijing’s programme to enhance scientific research cooperation.

But somehow, he expected that the nature of his profession, medical microbiology, would one day plunge him in the middle of a health emergency.

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Tanga Tanga Opposes Powerful PM Post

DP Ruto addresses mourners in Murang’a [Courtesy]

Jubilee politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto yesterday vowed to reject any proposals in Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to create more positions for a third tier of governance.The leaders said they were opposed to any move to modify BBI, claiming there was a proposal to create positions of the prime minister, deputy prime minister, 500 parliamentary seats and a regional government that will see the term of governors extended.Read More…

Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro is set to be sworn in as the Governor following the impeachment of Ferdinand Waititu. Do you think it is right for deputy governors to replace their ousted bosses or is it time to change the law so that impeached governors go home with their deputies since they were elected on a joint ticket?



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